About Us

(x)clusive was started in July 2009 as the first Korean Pop News and Culture website in Singapore. Over the years we’ve developed readership and received attention from Singaporeans who enjoy Korean culture, with our site statistics grow rapidly everyday. On Twitter and Facebook, we have more than 7000 followers and statistics show we have a constant viewership of 1000 per day, averaging 30,000 a month.

Our readers not only come from Singapore, but also from neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia and all over the world.

(x)clusive in the Media and Community

3 hours non-stop KPOP Music & Dance on the 2nd and 4th Friday every month at *SCAPE.

We have been established in the Singapore Korean Pop scene among both the fan community, event organisers and even in local media. (x)clusive has been featured in Lianhe Zaobao, RIA 897FM and zbCOMMA for being the top Korean Pop Culture website in Singapore. And from February 2012, (x)clusive is officially organizing, together with *SCAPE, Singapore’s first and biggest Korean Dance Meet event KPOP Dance Off.

iBuzz Campaign by buzz KOREA

Not only that, (x)clusive is also listed officially under Korean Tourism Organisation (Korea), and we’re ranked among the top 50 in the world. We’re also one of the pioneer websites involved in the campaign “buzz Korea”.

Our Aim

(x)clusive‘s aim is to update and report closely on Korean events in Singapore – Spreading awareness and joy of the Korean Pop culture locally. Other than being the one-stop information website, (x)clusive also strives to educate the community on the Korean culture and ways. We have sections talking about food and travel (in Korea), and will be bringing more to the table in near future.

Contact Us

We welcome all companies and individuals dealing with anything Korean (be it affiliation, collaboration, advertising, promotion, news/media releases, etc) to contact us via our email: sgxclusive@gmail.com.

We can be also found on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Formspring.


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